Pellet plants

Pellet plants for high production with hammer mill, dryer, shredder, conveyor belts, refrigerator and packing plant. To furnish a complete pellet plant, we need specific characteristics of the kind of material, the quantity and the investment amount. 

Pellet presses

Pellet presse with supporting body made of thick press-bent sheet, sandblasted and coated with a rust-proofing primer and a finishing enamel in colors to be agreed upon. Press unit consisting of: die with inside diameter 270 mm and 2 compression rollers. The residue material for the production of pellet should have max 12% moisture.


Pellet press model Condor - 100 kg/h

Pellet press T-27/2R - 200 kg/h
Pellet press T-30/2R - 300 kg/h
Pellet press T-40/2R - 700 kg/h
Pellet press T-53/2R/2M - 1,5 ton/h
Pellet press T-66/2R/2M - 2 ton/h
Pellet press T-80/2R/2M - 2,4 ton/h



Download Katalog Pelletpresse Modell Condor
Download brochure Pellet press T-27/2R til T-80/2R/2M